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 I am helping clients and patients in the the following: 

1.   Addressing the diet and health related issues. Providing guidelines in changing the eating habits. Creating a meal plan according to the individual taste preferences. Gaining energy  without dieting but eating deliciously satisfying meals. Annual Concierge WFH Membership $498. Retail cost $150 per appointment, $25 per email.

2.  Fun and Helpful Group Food Shopping Tours in every season. Touring local supermarkets, small shops, farmers markets. Useful tips on monthly bulk and weekly shopping to be prepared daily. Group of 5 minimum, 15$ per person.

3.  Cooking Classes in different categories: breakfasts, soups and salads, baked and stuffed dishes, deserts. Healthy and useful tips on weekly meal planning and cooking. Easy to follow mouthwatering recipes with few ingredients. Group of 5-6, 20$ per person.

4.  Pantry Makeover. If you feel lost and overwhelmed by the amount of food you store and uncertain what to keep for the healthy cooking and what you are lacking, schedule a time for me to visit and help you with navigating this situation and helpful tips to prevent the pantry clutter. 75$

5.  Free Talks and Presentations on Food and Health-Related Topics:


*Heart Disease and how to Reverse it.

*Diabetes is not a Permanent Diagnosis.

*Eat more, weigh less-no need to Diet!

*Cancer is not a life sentence.

*Thyroid Disease Epidemic.

*Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle


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