Apr. 23, 2020

Living in the lockdown

I have been inconsistent with my blog and it has been over a month of living in quarantine. It is not easy to adjust our lives to the virtual existence, but managable. Sticking to the schedule helps a lot. Connecting with friends and family, coworkers become essential. Finding time for a walk, run, bike ride outside is critical. There are so many unanswered questions about the situation. But everybody can agree, that our mental and physical health is directly depends on what we eat. 

Here is what I ate yesterday. Oatmeal with fresh berries, banana and chia seeds, green smoothie with fruit and leafy greens, tea.  Lentil, rice and vegetable soup, an orange, two pieces of whole grain toast. Celery, carrots, baked purple potato, rice cakes with hummus, a pear for afternoon snack. Spagetty squash with white bean creamy sauce and wild rice, green salad with basil tahini dressing. Herbal tea with fresh pinaple.

Strengthening immunity is important especially in today’s situation. It’s a well known fact that better nutrition makes people stronger and healthier. Now is the ideal time to improve the health and protect ourselves against the virus. Because the sickest population gets hit the most and has the highest death rate from underlying conditions like diabetes, hypertension, obesity...

Can herd immunity protect us? What’s the best plan to bring our lives back to normal?

The interview with Yale professor Dr. David Katz covers many more aspects and perspectives of today’s crisis.